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Instructions and Maintenance Trailer

Before you start make sure that the handful of trailer fully apply to the hitch ball and is not empty or initial slack. If you have initial slack, then the handful wants change.
The wheel bolts are securely tightened. If necessary, firm further.
Check the screws and screw if necessary.
The bearings of the ends (hub) axis must always have a sufficient amount of ¬ quantity of grease. Otherwise there is an imminent risk of damaging the bearings, resulting in even the parting of the edge (hub) from the main body axis.
When the trailer enters the sea, it is necessary to complete grease the bearings at least once a month.
After using the trailer, make sure the bearings are securely tightened and not loosened. If it is too loose. you want change.
When the trailer enters the sea, it is essential that the main body of the trailer (chassis), the axle, wheels and all accessories that come in contact with salt water, rinse the salt with water and soap
When the trailer enters the sea, then the lights should be removed.
Do not load more weight than expected.
When towing a trailer, not to exceed the rate specified by law.

Tips for safe towing
The weight loading of the trailer must not exceed the payload, which gives us the factory.

We load our vehicle with the weight for the axle and not forward or back, for better vehicle stability.

The burden should be shared so the hitch, so (if a trailer) may not exceed the listed pounds.

Firmly secured the cargo in order to avoid losses and move it, sometimes with dangerous consequences.

Towing can make even a 20% increase in fuel consumption.

When towing on uneven ground, the trailer weight should be reduced 50% and we recommend that the speed is proportional to the condition of the road (not to exceed 20 kilometers per hour).

Check before each electrical path of the trailer.

The good visibility backwards is essential for a safe journey. In the first things you should watch the driver to adjust the specific case of mirrors mounted on the front wings of the car, or on the existing mirrors.

Reverse - not to become entangled

In the movement to reverse a trailer, although things are difficult, at least different and requires some practice. H shift requires inverted manipulation of the steering wheel. So go to the trailer left the wheel must turn right and vice versa. A practical easy solution to this motion is otherwise the driver keeps the wheel from below, so the left and right reversed and manipulations correspond to the direction we want to follow the trailer. But not as hard as you would at least seem to start!

Video: Guardian angels
Driving trailer needs attention and knowledge, especially as the growing weight of the trailer. Some companies have developed electronic systems that work with the ESP and intervene if the trailer lost its stability. Please note that these systems operate with sensors in the car no matter the trailer. Activated when placed in the socket hitch plug, and even if it does not, the system will work great danger. Finally, the market will find stampilizater, whose purpose is to stabilize the trailer vehicle.

We connect the cables to the socket hitch as follows:
Color cable outlet Attribute Number
Yellow Flush left 1
Brown Flush Right 4
Blue Right Track 5
Red brake 6
Black Road left 7
Ground 3
Permanent current of 2


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